George Falkiner

2nd Lt George Falkiner

George FalkinerGeorge FalkinerGeorge was the second son of the late H. B. Falkiner, Dublin. Born in 1897, he came to the Dragon in January 1911 as a boarder in School House and left in 1912. He was in the 1st Football XV, ‘a clever runner; seldom fails to draw his man before passing, kicks well and can tackle.’ He helped to win one of our few victories v. R.N.C., Osborne. 1st Hockey XI, 1912, ‘very good.’ He acted as Caesar in Julius Caesar, 1912, and also, with his friend Frere, got the first prize for gardening. He won the School Drawing Prize the same year. He was elected to a scholarship at Blundell’s School, and got his Football XV colours there in 1914.

He entered Sandhurst in February 1916, with a prize cadetship, and was commissioned in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in October 1916. He was serving at the Front since December 1916, and was commended for gallantry in a raid on the 27th May, when he had a narrow escape. He performed a heroic action in carrying a wounded man for 300 yards over No Man’s Land. For this he received the honour of a parchment—a thing peculiar to the Irish Brigade.

His C.O. writes:

‘He was one of the best young officers I have ever known. He was loved by everybody in the Regiment, and I cannot say how we all miss him. He was killed at Fregenberg, near Ypres, on Aug. 16, 1917, while leading his platoon to support the troops in front. He led his men forward in a very gallant manner, after his Commander had been badly wounded.’

He was only with us at the Dragon School a short time, but his cheery nature and the merry smile that was never missing from his handsome face won the affection of all of us.

He is remembered on the Tyne Cot Memorial in Belgium.

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